Top 5 Fitness Tips For Busy Mums On The Go (and/or Dads)


1: Start your day with a 20 minute bodyweight circuit before the kids get up.

It's quick, you don't need any equipment and it will get you pumped for the day ahead! (And once it's done, it's done!)


Here are the 4 exercises I recommend:

Excercise 1 Alternating Lunge (on the spot)
Starting in the brace position, lunge forward and plant your foot in a heel to toe motion. Lower your front knee until it's one inch above the floor and at a 90 degree angle to your foot. While maintaining the brace position, drive off your front leg back to the standing position then switch legs.


Excercise 2 Bodyweight Press-Up

Laying down, place your hands below your bust-line and push your feet behind so you're in the plank press-up position. Maintain that brace position as you lower yourself to the floor before pushing back up into the starting position. Too hard? Keep your knees on the floor.


Excercise 3 Jump Squats

Starting from the brace position, push your hips back and bend your knees, lowering down to 90 degrees. Let your arms go behind so you're ready to thrust them up and forward as you jump. Keep your knees soft and your weight over your heels as you spring up into the air in a heel to toe motion. Land softly back down to the 90 degree squat position ready to jump again.


Excercise 4 Alternating Dead Bugs

Lay on the floor, in the brace position with your knees tucked up to a 90 degree angle. Keep your core engaged and back flat on the floor as you slowly extend your right leg out. Gently tap your heel on the floor before returning to the 90 degree angle. Switch legs.

2. Double-up meals when cooking

When you're cooking healthy family meals, double up on portions, grab your tupperware and save it for the following day or freeze it for whenever you fancy it next!

3. Easy exercises to do while the kids are playing at the park.

Do these park-based exercises back to back for 10-20 reps for a simple workout you can get done whilst the kids are running around!

• Monkey Bar Pull Ups
• Bodyweight Squats
• Assisted See-Saw Jump Squats
• Climbing Frame Press-Ups
• Bench Step Ups
• Monkey Bar Swings
• Walking Lunges
• Plank
• Swing Knee-Tucks
• Swing Press-Ups

4. Lots of injuries can occur when you're picking up the kids constantly.

Stay injury free using good form when picking your baby / child up from the floor or from the car by making sure you're maintaining neutral spine and bending your knees. Be sure to use your core for stability rather than your lower back.

5. Burn more body fat by power walking with your baby.

Not only is it a good time to bond with your baby, but a carry pouch carrying your baby while you take a brisk walk is a great fat burner. Make sure you're working 60-70% above your resting heart rate, which is known as LISS (Low Intensity Steady State.)



Information credited to Callum Melly, one of the UK's leading Personal Trainers, is set to un-leash BodyIn8 - personal training with a difference! You can find out more information on Callum by visiting his Official Website: