How To Plan The Ultimate Family Road trip




Travelling by car is the ultimate way to truly see a destination, with the freedom of being able to go exactly where you want and stop off when you want, as well as the convenience of being able to pack up the car and not be determined by flight schedules or baggage allowance. However while the idea of a family road trip sounds like fun and is incredibly exciting for the kids, you definitely need to plan sensibly in order to maximise the adventures you will have.

Here are five top tips for planning the ultimate family road trip…

Plan a rough itinerary before you leave

Of course it is fun to be spontaneous, but when you have children some planning ahead definitely helps. It is good to plan a rough route of where you want to go before you leave on your trip. If you have young children it might be best to stick to main roads so you know there will be a place to stop off at the toilet, or you might want to find the most scenic route to your destination. If your children are old enough to help, why not get them involved and plan together? It will make it a lot more fun.

Make sure your car is road ready

It sounds obvious, but you need to make sure your car is road ready for the adventure ahead. Make sure your MOT is up to date, the car has had a full service and that you have your driving license on the trip with you. It is worth checking whether the country you are visiting has any restrictions or compulsory equipment you need to pack- for example in France you are required to have a warning triangle and a breathalyser with you at all times when you are in the car.

Pack things to keep the kids entertained 

Anyone who has travelled with young children knows that it is important to plan ahead when packing the car. Why not pack them a special bag to keep them entertained on the long journey? Things like playing cards, colouring books and pens, snacks, a magazine and of course a tablet like an ipad if you have one, are all good things to take on a long journey. Remember to pack things like water in a cool box too so you don’t have to keep stopping off if they get thirsty.

A Packing Tip

If you are going away for a few days or more a great tip is that it might be worth packing a bag per day rather than a bag per person or just to shove everything in a case at random. The reason being is that you then only have to search for one bag or even just bring one back into the hotel at night.

Use a Map

Even though nowadays sat navs are the norm, you can’t beat a simple road map. If you have older children they will love to look at it as you are driving along, and you can get them to point out destinations en route that they might one to visit. It helps to keep them entertained and means you can learn a little about the area as you are driving along. Nothing beats a guide book either!


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