Leading fertility and IVF expert Zita West launches weekly educational online TV programme The Fertility Show


We live in a time in which we are busier, work harder, are more stressed and have less time for ourselves than ever. And this, says leading fertility expert, Zita West, is leading to an increasing lack of awareness surrounding fertility amongst both men and women in their 20s and 30s.

At the heart is a general lack of education and knowledge about fertility and, in particular, how lifestyle factors can affect fertility.

Zita, whose clinic The Zita West Fertility Clinic specialises in natural fertility alongside IVF says:

'I'm passionate about educating couples on fertility, conception and IVF so that they can make different choices and The Fertility Show is all about education. Every week we publish new short, snappy, to the point, videos that are packed with how to information and advice on all sorts of different elements of fertility. Much of what we discuss in the show is based on what couples are genuinely asking inside the clinic.'

Zita believes busy modern couples often face four key issues when it comes to preparing for pregnancy, all of which can be helped through improved fertility education presented via the formats and channels that suits millennials.


1. Women who have increasingly been on the pill from the age of 15 or 16 haven't had a chance to understand or become familiar with their natural menstrual cycles, and would benefit from learning how to read their bodies and spot their signs of fertility.
2. Couples believe that you have to try for a baby for a year before accessing help, but in fact there is a lot you can do during that period to increase your chances of falling pregnant naturally.
3. Although we exist in a culture of eternal youth in which couples live the same lifestyle in their 30s and 40s as they did in their 20s, they need to understand that fertility declines regardless.
4. Busy lifestyles lead couples to become increasingly mentally, physically and nutritionally depleted, and they need to learn to spot signs of depletion and make changes ahead of trying to conceive.

Recent episodes of The Fertility Show include 'Embarrassing Sex Questions Answered,' 'Pregnancy After The Pill' and 'The Truth About Alcohol & Conception.' To watch the Fertility Show, search Zita West Fertility Clinic on Youtube, or click here