Sugar Smart with Change 4 life


Our KidAround team and their children have been trialing the 'Sugar Smart' app to encourage healthier eating. It is a fantastic and useful app that
scans the barcodes of the foods and drinks which we all enjoy and tells you how much sugar they contain. 

sugar smart

The children have really got involved with this and love seeing the number of sugar cubes appear after scanning an item.
We really recommend this easy to use app. It was very surprising the amount of sugar in our every day foods. For example: did you know, the maximum daily
allowance for 4 – 6 years is 19g/5 sugar cubes, 7 – 10 years is 24g/ 6 sugar cubes and 11+ is 30g/ 7 sugar cubes whereas one can of coke contains
9 sugar cubes which exceeds all maximum amounts.


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For some great recipe ideas and full information please go to the change 4 life website: